15-16 september             festival tran-tran [fuerteventura]

21 SEPTEMBER                  FIVO (Festival d'improvització d'ONDA) (esp)

5 octObER                        FESTIVAL NOTTE-BIANCA Valletta (malta)



REVOLUCLOWN is a clown show where a group of clowns came to make a revolution creating a true epic, enthusiastic and fun adventure. Rather than a story, REVOLUCLOWN is an encouragement to find ways to build community through play and joy; a symbolic re-appropriation of the space, the theatre, the city and even life.

Revoluclown is a clown and street theatre company. We use the clown as an artistic tool. We believe in the clown who fights and suffers from common affective spaces, the reality. This places us in conflict. Theatre is conflict and without it, there is no change or evolution, without risk there is no innovation and otherwise we only pass over what in clown we call the clown's truth.


revoluclown understand public and urban space as the ideal framework for building community. A space where we can claim who we are, what we want to be and what kind of relationships we are looking for. We work from the material that the public offers us, becoming the protagonists of the piece itself in order to draw together a symbolic re-appropriation of the space, the theatre, the city and life and to claim our right to the city.


What Revoluclown wants to convey is that any change is in our hands. In front of the motto "another theater is possible" we contribute with our epic clown.





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